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Disability, Vision or Hearing Loss

Get more out of your library experience when you know what we can offer you. The library is equipped for you and your special needs.

Adaptive Technology Room (2nd floor) for visual, hearing, and physical needs

  • Zoom Text for screen magnification
  • JAWS for Windows for speech synthesis
  • Visual Tek units which enlarge printed material for viewing
  • Braille Reader and Printer
  • Reading Machines
  • TTY, Television Relay for the Hearing Impaired

Located on the second floor next to the Information Desk.

Books on Tape

  • Talking Books Service from the Library of Congress
    This service provides free books on tape and machines to those who have visual, hearing, or mobility differences.
  • Audio eBooks and MP3 books with speakers (Speakers are available in the Extension Services Department)
  • Tumblebooks animated stories for young and old

Large Print Books

Our Fiction collection is located on the first floor in the Fiction room and our Non-fiction collection is located on the second floor on the shelving closest to the meeting rooms.


  • Edna Light
  • Vision Technology Machines

Available in-house or for checkout

Contact the Library’s Extension Department (847-923-3386) for more information about any of these services.