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MomLit (or MommyLit)

MomLit (or MommyLit) is similar to ChickLit (light, humorous books about women experiencing life issues), with the exception that the protagonist is married and a mother.  Most MomLit stories feature a wildly rich and successful Manhattan-ite who marries a gorgeous man and has a child.  While the woman attempts to look perfect to others, her world is falling apart.  A dose of romance and humor make these excellent beach reads.

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by Bilston, Sarah

Description: An ambitious British lawyer married to an American and living in New York City, Quinn is successfully juggling her career and impending motherhood, until she is confined to complete bed rest for the final three months of her pregnancy.

by Bilston, Sarah

Description: Reassessing her family life in the wake of her younger sister’s troubles and a colicky new baby, Quinn and her husband become involved in a young single mother’s custody battle throughout the course of a summer in rural Connecticut.

by Chidley, Elise

Description: A gorgeous debut romantic comedy about marriage, mistakes, and mending them

by Giffin, Emily

Description: Is there ever a deal-breaker when it comes to true love? What happens to the perfect couple when they suddenly want different things? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes–a baby carriage. Isn’t that what all women want?

by Giffin, Emily

Description: Her belief in the power of beauty shattered when her fiancé dumps her for a plain woman, a pregnant Darcy flees to London and struggles to rebuild her glamorous life before realizing that her past methods no longer work.

by Green, Risa

Description: When guidance counselor Lara Stone unexpectedly finds herself pregnant, she struggles to adjust to the idea of motherhood and her own feelings of inadequacy as a woman and wife.

by Green, Risa

Description: Lara soon finds that sleepless nights, S&M-like pumping bras, and a raging case of the post-baby blues are the least of her problems.

by Kargman, Jill

Description: In a parody of motherhood among the upper echelons of Manhattan society, Hannah Allen finds herself caught up in the competitive whirl of high-stakes parenting, thanks to her chic new friends and overbearing, socially conscious mother-in-law.

by Kinsella, Sophie

Description: Becky is pregnant! She couldn’t be more overjoyed, especially since discovering that shopping cures morning sickness. But when her must-have celebrity obstetrician turns out to be her husband Luke’s glamorous, intellectual ex-girlfriend, Becky’s perfect world starts to crumble.

by Kinsella, Sophie

Description: Nothing comes between Becky Brandon and her bargains. Neither act of God nor budget crunch can shatter her dreams of wall-to-wall Prada. But now Becky faces her greatest little challenge yet: her two-year-old daughter, Minnie.

by Lieberman, Nancy

Description: Preparing to enroll her daughter in private school, Helen Drager finds herself overwhelmed by the political undertaking, her friend’s precarious position as an admissions officer, and her husband’s attempts to set up a bribe.

by Margolis, Sue

Description: Ruby Silverman, the single owner of an exclusive baby boutique, is stunned when her fifty-year-old mother announces she is pregnant and decides it is time to get busy herself, but her relationship with handsome gynecologist Sam Epstien is threatened by her discovery of a shady baby-brokering business.

by Peterson, Holly

Description: Jamie Whitfield lives in the wealthiest section of Manhattan. And she has most everything – but what she doesn’t have is a full-time father figure for her struggling nine-year-old son, Dylan. Enter the manny…

by Porter, Jane

Description: Taylor Young had always dreamed of being popular, beautiful, and married to a handsome, successful man. Now that her perfectly crafted, posh life and marriage seem to be crumbling, her archrival Marta Zinsser seems to be her only true friend.

by Porter, Jane

Description: Jane Porter returns with another entertaining tale of a bohemian, single working mother who finds herself at odds with the stay-at-home, alpha moms.

by Quinn, Karen

Description: When turbocharged Park Avenue mom Ivy Ames finds she’s been downsized from her high-powered corporate job and her marriage, she swiftly realizes that she’s going to need a whole new way to support herself and her two private-school daughters.

by Scheibe, Amy

Description: Feeling frazzled in her life as a Manhattan stay-at-home mom with two preschool age children, Jennifer Bradley considers returning to work while tackling challenges at the playground, in play groups, and at birthday parties.

by Stewart, Katherine

Description: When her daughter wins a coveted scholarship to the prestigious Metropolitan preschool, Laura thinks she’s struck the educational jackpot. Now, Laura must secure Anna’s future among New York’s top-drawer toddlers.

by Webb, Kris

Description: Two blue lines appear on Sophie’s pregnancy test. How does a baby fit in with a hectic job, a chaotic social life, and the absence of Max, the Y chromosome in the equation, who has moved to San Francisco?

by Weiner, Jennifer

Description: A chef, an event planner, and a basketball player’s wife find their marriages and careers in Philadelphia challenged by new motherhood, difficult schedules, and infidelity.

by Weiner, Jennifer

Description: Kate’s move to suburbia has been full of unpleasant surprises, including a local murder. Kate is determined to solve the crime, leading her to the discovery of dirty secrets.

by Williams, Polly

Description: The mother of a six-month-old daughter, Amy Crane is trying to decide whether or not to resume her high-pressure PR job, while dealing with feelings of being unattractive and worrying that her child’s father is having an affair.

by Waldman, Ayelet

Description: For Thanksgiving Day, the fourteen pigs in the Jambonneau family trim their trees to look like turkeys, but wake up one morning to find they have all been stolen.

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