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Be a Wise Giver

December caps off the Giving Season, when many people make their year-end contributions to charity. It’s advisable to do some homework before choosing a charity, to ensure that your contributions are put to the best use. The free websites listed below can help you give wisely. – Grades charities on an A-F scale (not every charity has been graded,) lists additional charities in the same categories, and highlights highly efficient charities in categories such as Humanitarian Relief and Military and Veterans. – Assigns charities up to four stars, and provides percentage scores on financial management and accountability and transparency. Register for free to get comparison information on similar organizations. Offers Tips for Donors, such as how to stop receiving solicitations through the mail. – Givewell looks at actual outputs of what they consider standout charities. Rather than focusing on financial management, this site shows how select nonprofits accomplish their missions.

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