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Literacy Learning Lab

The Literacy Learning Lab has 15 computers that offer an entertaining and enjoyable opportunity to learn the English language or to refresh your reading and writing skills. You may want to brush up on grammar, study proper business English or work on writing, spelling and vocabulary.
Call Helen Stewart at (847) 923-3387 for more information. Below is a listing of the software packages available for use with the computers in the Literacy Learning Lab:
Active Reading
Online Interactive Program

Active Reading integrates reading with other skills. A story about fashion will lead to activities where learners create their own advertisement.  Stories come from newspapers, magazine articles, poems, recipes and press releases.  There’s lots of variety. Speaking and writing are key ingredients in each unit. The program comes at six levels from Elementary to Advanced, with ten units in each level.

Connected Speech
Interactive CD-ROM

An interactive multimedia computer program for English pronunciation learners.  This program is for lower intermediate to upper intermediate learners.  Videos of nine speakers with a range of accents tell stories about themselves.  There are three levels for each speaker, each having six modules, language, pause groups, stress, pitch change, linking, sounds and syllables. There are over 160 texts to mark up and record along with opportunities to work on reading comprehension, spelling, dictation and pronunciation.

Issues in English 2
Online Interactive CD-ROM

This is a highly interactive and feature filled language learning multimedia CD-ROM covering a variety of skills from reading, writing and listening to grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

North American Idioms
North American Idioms CD is an independent, interactive multi – media resource for English language learners who like to participate in natural colloquial North American English and who are interested in North American customs and culture.
Intermediate level English language learners will be able to practice using idioms in common real-life situations to imrove their understanding of specific idioms in various contexts.North American Idioms CD will help you:

  • increase awareness of North American cultural values and attitudes through contextual uses;
  • recognize and produce frequently used idioms;
  • distinguish between literal and idiomatic meanings;
  • understand and apply specific idioms;
  • observe and listen to video clips of young people in common situations;
  • practice idioms with stimulating activities and receive immediate feedback to monitor your progress;
  • use North American Idioms in the classroom, a language lab, or at home;
  • work at your own pace.
Practical Writing
Practical Writing

Practical Writing is for students who need to use written English both at school and in their personal life. Whether they are writing a descriptive essay for their teacher or sending a text to a friend, Practical Writing helps them structure their message, select the right vocabulary and choose the most appropriate style.

Tense Buster
Break through the grammar barrier!

Tense Buster helps learners improve their understanding of key grammar areas from some/any at Elementary level to phrasal verbs at Advanced level. The program is ideal as a self-access resource for extension or remedial work, or integrated into a course of study and used for classwork or homework.

Each unit begins with a presentation based on a dialogue, newspaper article or radio broadcast, where learners are encouraged to form theories about how the grammar works. Next comes a grammar rule where they confirm or correct their theories. Learners then move on to practice activities in which the language is contextualised and key aspects of form and function are highlighted. (by Clarity Language)

TriplePlay Plus in English
Interactive Games and Conversations for Language Learning Fun

Beginner to Intermediate levels. A program offering dozens of interactive games and comic strips that teach more than 1,000 English words and phrases, complete conversations and speech recognition to improve pronunciation.

Literacy Learning Lab Hours
ESL class Monday 9:30am till noon
Self Study Tuesday through Friday (when available) 9:30am till noon
Call the Computer Assistance Desk at (847) 923-3352 for the Lab schedule.