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Train-the-Trainer Webinar Resources

Watch Karen Chan’s Webinar about how to help others with their finances.

A recording of this webinar is available here:

Here is a link to the info and downloadables for the webinar:

Topics discussed are:

  • Managing Your Finances -   Assessing Your Financial Situation, Avoiding Money Traps,  Managing Your Debt
  • Taking Control of spending -
  • Helping Families Cope

Resources needed for Webinar

Table of Contents

TTT Guide Table of Contents v 2 (.doc 98KB)

Section 3 Managing Your Debt

TTT Guide 3 Which Bills to Pay First (.doc 110KB)

Debt Worksheet

TTT Guide 3 worksheet Debts Owed v2 (.xlsx 15KB)

Files are also available in ZIP format: (zip 12.5MB)

Karen Chan is the Extension Educator in Consumer & Family Economics for the University of Illinois Extension as well as being a Certified Financial Planner.