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How to Switch Your Cable Company

You may be able to save money by switching cable companies, or, maybe, just threatening to switch companies.

Retailers’ Secret Price Codes

If you find something at Target with a price ending in 8 or 4 you are getting a deal, if it ends in .99, that’s full price. Find more secret codes here.

What Should Your Teenager Be Paying For

As your children begin to earn money on their own, it has raised their standard of living, taught them valuable skills and increased their confidence. But it also has raised a crucial question back home: How do you divide what you pay for and what they pay for?

Daylight Saving Time 2014

The weather may still stink, but at least Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday. Time to go out shopping or dining after work! Daylight saving time 2014 will begin at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 9, when you should set your clocks forward an hour. Time will fall back to standard time again on Sunday, November 2, when DST ends.

How to Lower Your Cable Bill

Think your cable bill is too high?  There may be a way to get it lowered. MarketWatch has some hints on negotiating with your cable company.

Data Breach Protection

What if the store where you shop has been hacked?  Do you need to panic? Here’s what federal fraud specialists, consumer advocates and other experts say you should do.

Postal Rate Hike

the US Postal Service announced a price hike of 3 cents for a first-class stamp, bringing the charge to 49 cents. The new rate is effective Jan. 26. Forever stamps, good for first-class postage whatever the future rate, can still be purchased at the lower price. The new price of a postcard stamp, raised by a penny to 34 cents in November, also is effective next month.

Target’s Security Breach

Target shoppers who shopped at Target this holiday shopping season have learned that their credit card information may have been compromised in a massive data breach. Consumers who made in-store purchases with credit or debit cards should start tracking their credit card statements very closely.

Avoid Holiday Charity Scams

The Holidays are the time of the year we open up our wallets — and hearts — to any number of causes, but scammers are waiting to take advantage of your goodwill.

Black Friday Blues

Black Friday can become synonymous with impulse shopping but this video offers some easy ways to remember to keep your budget in check this holiday shopping season.