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Get the Most from Your Loyalty Rewards Cards

Your wallet is full of them: drugstore loyalty cards. There isn’t much of a downside to joining them. Usually they are free and offer periodic discounts and rewards.  Here’s some tips on using your rewards cards.

Best Ways to Get Your Medical Bills Paid

Here are some tips on getting your insurance company to pay your doctor, medication, or hospital bill.

Starting a ‘Death’ File

Compile a list of all the financial information your heirs will need upon your death: wills, trust information, investment accounts, legal contacts, etc. You can keep this information in an electronic file or as hard copies. If you leave behind a mess, it can delay your inheritors’ access to funds and cost them a bundle in legal fees.

How To Choose A Bank

Are you unhappy with your bank? Are you paying monthly maintenance fees for your checking accounts? Maybe it’s time to find a new bank.

What is an EMV Credit Card?

An EMV credit card — which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa — is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. Here is information to help you understand the new cards.

When Relatives Attack

How meddling relatives can make a mess of your finances.

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Easy question? There is no black and white answer for everyone as the answer depends on a variety of variables, as with most financially related questions.

How To Switch Banks

If you’re finding yourself being charged necessary fees, feel your bank’s technology isn’t up to snuff or that you want a more competitive interest rate, then look into switching accounts.  Here’s some tips.

Money Management Resources

The College of DuPage has put together a research guide providing links to resources for getting started in saving, avoiding and managing debt, and planning your financial future.

Bye Bye, Early Retirement

A new study shows that the decades-long trend towards retirement at a young age has reversed, probably because we can no longer afford it. Here are some of the reasons that the study suggests pushing people to work longer.