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Is That Black Friday TV a Good Deal?

Shoppers expect to find big savings on electronics — especially TV sets — on Black Friday, but price doesn’t tell the whole story. Are you getting a great deal on a high-quality model or a good price on a low-end set made just for Black Friday?

How To Handle Health Insurance Choices

It’s open enrollment time both for the national and state health insurance exchanges, and for lots of employer plans too. For many people, this process has become incredibly difficult and time-consuming. Your health insurance dilemma boils down to three factors: network, costs and the likelihood that you’ll need to visit doctors or hospitals over the course of the year.

Flexible Spending Account: Use It or Lose It

If you have money left over in your Flexible Spending Account (FSA), now is a good time to schedule doctors’ appointments or buy FSA-eligible items.

Renewing Your ACA Health Insurance Coverage

This brochure gives the information you need to know when renewing your ACA Health Insurance.

Prioritizing Your Bills

You know you should pay all of your bills on time. But what if you’re short on cash is it better to pay certain bills late?

Things Millennials Should Know About Health Insurance

Without insurance, a serious accident or illness could put you on the hook for staggering medical bills that will haunt you for years. And Millennials represent half of the 10.5 million uninsured Americans eligible to sign up this fall for coverage under the federal health law.

Social Security’s “Claim Now, Claim More Later” Rule

The changes Congress made to the “claim now, claim more later” Social Security strategy have generated many questions. The L A Times personal finance columnist answers reader’s questions.

Things You Don’t Know About Mutual Funds

Do you own a mutual fund? Here are five key facts you need to know.

Biggest Myths About Saving Money for Millennial

Investing’s simpler than it looks, so young people should chill.  Here’s the top five things you’ve heard about saving that are not true.

How Much You Need To Save For A Down Payment

Wow do cities across America rank? Forbes details how much cash you’ll need to squirrel away for a down payment on the median home in America’s metro areas.