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Personal Finance Quiz

Take this five-question quiz to find out if you’re a financial whiz or really, really bad with money.

How to Fix a Major Money Mistake

Don’t panic after flubbing your finances – there are steps you can take to repair the damage. The bad news is that you probably can’t repair your financial flub quickly.

Extend the Life of Your Major Appliances

If you want to keep your appliances running longer than typical, you can. It just requires a little effort.

How Not to Blow Your Raise in Pay

Getting a bigger paycheck is always good news. But finance experts say running right out and spending that extra cash may not be the best idea.

Personal Finance Checklist for 40-Somethings

Your 40s are a great time to get your finances in order and think about the future. If you’re in your 40s, be sure to check these critical items off your list.

What You Should Know About Store Credit Cards

It’s easy to damage your credit with store credit cards. The reason you should be cautious about opening up these accounts is that the credit limits are generally low.

Your Best Savings Strategy

Whether you’re a gambler, a goal-setter or a nervous Nellie, here’s how to trick yourself to maximize savings.

Save with this iPhone 7 Calculator

Trying to find the best carrier plan for the iPhone 7 can be treacherous business. But a handy calculator is trying to take some of the guesswork out of that.

2017 Tax Refund Delays

It’s never too early to plan you taxes.  The IRS urges taxpayers to adjust their tax withholding now if they are an early filer who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit, due to possibility of delayed refunds.

How to Avoid Romance Scams

The mission of, an information and advocacy organization, is to create public awareness, provide accurate information and expertise to assist in the successful demise of online romance scams and help people learn, heal, and experience a safe on-line environment.