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The Root Live Video Series

The Root in conjunction with Prudential offers a series of online videos on timely topics. Bring It To The Table is an online 16-week series of 10-minute episodes discussing personal finance, careers and long-term financial planning.

4 Personal Finance Myths

Researchers say belief  in ”money myths” explains many of the fumbles we make with our personal finances. “Behavioral finance” integrates psychology into the fields of economics and finance to come up with reasons for our money mistakes. Here are some personal finance myths that could be costing you money and endangering your future security.

Medicare Open Enrollment

The Medicare open enrollment runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 and gives individuals a chance to rethink it all and reassess whether their plan still fits their needs. Maybe your Part D prescription plan will no longer pay for some of your drugs or maybe your Medicare Advantage plan dropped your favorite doctor. Now’s the time to start investigating your plan.

Conquer Your Financial Fears

These days your late-night worries are likely much more likely to be tangible and probably revolve around money. If you’re caught up in the nocturnal money worries cycle, here is hope—for both your sleep and finances.

What to Do if Your Wages are Garnished

If you’re falling behind on your debts, beware: You don’t want to end up one of the millions of Americans who get their pay garnished. Robert Hobbs, senior fellow at the National Consumer Law Center, has some tips on what to do if you do.

An Expensive ATM Mistake

According to a survey from Bankrate, the average cost of going to an ATM out of your network is $4.35 per transaction. Stop doing this. You are just throwing away money.

Financial Aid Mistakes

Many parents don’t realize until it’s too late that the timing of certain financial decisions made well before and even during college can significantly alter a student’s eligibility for aid from both the federal government and the university itself.

Cut Your Wireless Bill

If you’re unhappy with your cell phone service now might be a unique time to either renegotiate your contract or move to a new carrier.

Bad Savings Tricks

Saving is good, but some strategies may not actually pay off in the long run  Avoid these 6 bad tricks.

Estate Planning 101

CNNMoney presents a video by Christine Romans explaining how to minimize the tax bill for you and the heirs after your passing.