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Financial Gifts for the Holidays

Forget about buying your loved one another sweater or gadget this holiday season. Instead, consider giving a financial gift.

Dental Care as a Personal Finance Issue

More Americans skip dental care than people in 10 other developed countries due to a lack of dental insurance coverage.

Stop Spending Money

What to save money?  Stop spending!

Holiday Charitable Giving

Holiday giving to a charity at the end of the year help you on your federal income tax return. Before you give, here are a few tips for making sure you make the most of your donation.

What’s the Best Kind of Car Insurer?

Are people better off when they buy things from companies that don’t have public shareholders they need to please? The answer, at least in the car insurance industry, appears to be yes.

Safe Shopping for Cyber Monday

Americans love to shop online, but the more you know about how to protect yourself, the better chance you have not to be a victim.

Rules for Cyber Monday

Here’s some key tips for you to make the most of this online shopping holiday.

10 Ways to Reduce Your Income Taxes

This is the time when you can try to juggle your income and certain spending before year-end so you can pay as little as possible in taxes when you file your return in a couple of months.

What to Do Before You Shop for the Holidays

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of holiday shopping, but it’s not always as easy to foot the bill. Here’s some expert tips on how to find a comfortable spending level and stick to it this year.

Financial Conversations For the Holidays

You can – and maybe should – discuss these money matters when visiting your family during Thanksgiving or Christmas.