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9 Bad Personal Finance Habits

Personal finance is a big task comprised of a lot of little everyday decisions. Click on the link for nine of the worst personal finance habits, and how to break them.

Overdraft Coverage for Debit Cards

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports that on average people tend to incur a median overdraft fee of $34 on debit card transactions of $24 or less. That’s the equivalent of an annual rate of 17,000 percent. You might want to think twice about using your debit card if it means incurring an overdraft fee.

Prepaid Debit Cards for College Students

Prepaid debit cards might not be the answer for college students. Some debit cards come with all sorts of fees to load money, activate the card, speak to customer service or even check the balance at an ATM. And if your kid loses the card, your kid loses the money. On the other hand, a prepaid card can help if a child overdraws their checking account or runs up credit card debt.

Financial Ins and Outs of College

The Wall Street Journal offers some useful information on college planning, financial aid and a good financial countdown to sending your children off to school.

Secrets Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Credit card companies have kept you in the dark about several secrets because your financial benefit comes at your card issuer’s financial loss.  Find out some of the things your credit card doesn’t want you to know.

Tax Credits For Electric Cars

A federal tax credit applies to nearly every electric car and plug-in hybrid on the market and it can, in some cases, effectively reduce your cost for such a model to that of an ordinary gasoline vehicle (or even less). To find out more, check here.

The Cost of Raising a Child

New parents should be warned: It could cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars to raise your child — and that’s not even including the cost of college.

Can You Still Sign Up for Obamacare?

Maybe. If you meet certain criteria, you may be able to sign up — or even change plans — today. You may be entitled to a special enrollment period.

What’s Your Credit Utilization Ratio?

Your credit utilization ratio is based on the amount of available credit available to you that you used over the billing cycle.

Supercharge Your Savings

RealDealRetirement offers 10 simple but effective ways to make it easier for you to put money away.