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What to Do if Your Wages are Garnished

If you’re falling behind on your debts, beware: You don’t want to end up one of the millions of Americans who get their pay garnished. Robert Hobbs, senior fellow at the National Consumer Law Center, has some tips on what to do if you do.

An Expensive ATM Mistake

According to a survey from Bankrate, the average cost of going to an ATM out of your network is $4.35 per transaction. Stop doing this. You are just throwing away money.

Financial Aid Mistakes

Many parents don’t realize until it’s too late that the timing of certain financial decisions made well before and even during college can significantly alter a student’s eligibility for aid from both the federal government and the university itself.

Cut Your Wireless Bill

If you’re unhappy with your cell phone service now might be a unique time to either renegotiate your contract or move to a new carrier.

Bad Savings Tricks

Saving is good, but some strategies may not actually pay off in the long run  Avoid these 6 bad tricks.

Estate Planning 101

CNNMoney presents a video by Christine Romans explaining how to minimize the tax bill for you and the heirs after your passing.

5 Big Mistakes Older Investors Make

When it comes to investing, you’re probably doing it wrong. Here’s financial planner Peter Mallouk’s list of the biggest mistakes older investors make.

Buying Long-Term Care Insurance

Requiring long-term care over an extended period of time can become extremely costly and devastate a nest egg without proper planning. Employer-based health plans may pay for extended-care services and Medicare doesn’t cover long stints in nursing homes or at-home care. To help cover potential continuing care expenses, many experts advise boomers to purchase long-term care insurance.

Is Your Spouse Hiding Money?

Americans keep plenty of secrets when it comes to money — some they even keep from their significant others. One in three people in a relationship say they have hidden cash from their partner. Experts say when you make your budget, make sure each member of the couple gets a certain amount of money to spend on what they want to each month without many strings attached — which can help prevent couples feeling the need to hide cash or spend secretly.

Money Mistakes 30-Somethings Shouldn’t Make

Choices you make in your 30s will determine how you will be living in your 60s. Yahoo!Finance has some mistakes you should avoid making now.