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Things Every Twentysomething Should Know

Tips on how twentysomethings can get their finances straight — and get set for life.

Best Personal-Finance Products and Services

Here are Kiplinger magazine’s top picks for investments, money-management tools, credit cards, budget-friendly travel, and more.

A Family Caregiver’s Guide To Technology

A Family Caregiver’s Guide to Electronic Organizers, Monitors, Sensors, and Apps is a guide was created for family caregivers who are grappling with issues about technology and how it may help them. It presents questions to think about when deciding whether to buy an electronic product or service. It presents five sections with detailed information about coordinating health care and support services; organizing health information with electronic health records, patient portals, and personal health records; communicating with family and friends, and scheduling help; personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS); and home monitoring systems. The guide also includes a list of terms and definitions and ways to learn more about technology.

Illinois Secretary of State Suspending Registration Renewal Notices

Due to the lack of a state budget, the Secretary of State’s office is suspending the mailing of vehicle registration renewal reminder notices. By suspending this service, which will save approximately $450,000 per month, the office will be able to prolong the ability to mail vehicle registration renewal stickers, titles and license plates to vehicle owners for a few months longer before the postage account is depleted. Vehicle owners are encouraged to be mindful of their vehicle registration status. You can get a paperless renewal notice by email here.

Money Mistakes After a Spouse Dies

You’re vulnerable during this time. If you aren’t careful, your finances could be vulnerable, too.

Personal Finance and the ‘Rule of 72′

One way to appreciate the power of compound interest is through the “Rule of 72.”

Fine for Not Having Health Insurance

The maximum federal penalty for having no health insurance is set to jump for 2016. The penalty for being uninsured will rise to the greater of either — $695 or 2.5 percent of taxable income — for someone who goes without coverage for a full 12 months.

Kick Up Your Savings During Retirement Week

The third week of October is National Save for Retirement Week, and that means it’s prime time to embrace new and creative ways to add some more money to your retirement savings.

Spend or Save?

We make financial choices constantly. Dine out or save that extra money for retirement. When you choose to spend today, you miss the opportunity for your money to grow and compound over time toward a nest egg.

Older Americans Still Haven’t Recovered from the Recession

Of the 18 million workers aged between 55 and 64 in 2012, 4.3 million will be poor or near poor by the time they’re 65. And if current trends continue between 2013 and 2022, the number of poor or near-poor 65-year-olds will increase by 146 percent.