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New Protections for Investors

A new rule by the Labor Department that had been in development for five years would require financial professionals, including brokers, to put their customers’ interests ahead of their own when they are providing advice on how to invest in tax-advantaged retirement accounts, such as individual retirement accounts and 401(k)-type plans.

Get Ready for ACA Open Enrolment

The next open enrollment window for the Health Insurance Marketplace is scheduled for November 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016. You can start to gather the information you need now before you call or log in to apply.

Applying for Financial Aid Just Got Easier

President Obama announced changes in the process of applying for financial aid, in a move that seeks to help more low-income students pay for college.

Do You Need To Carry A Credit Card Balance?

55% of Americans in a recent Bankrate survey erroneously believed that this is is true.  Of course, the answer is “No” and those answering “Yes” are making a costly decision by paying finance charges to credit card companies.

Tax Fraud and Identity Theft

This video presents 6 ways to protect your identity from fraud during tax season.

Big Mistakes Millennials Make

Investing for retirement is especially important for Millennials, who in many ways have the most to gain from contributing to a 401(k) accounts. To get the biggest bang for your buck, avoid these mistakes.

Credit Score Myths

What people commonly think they know is true when it comes to credit turn out not to be true. These mistakes can result in a lower credit score, which can cost you money since lenders will often charge higher interest rates to those with lower scores.

Common-Sense Retirement Strategy

Is the best retirement strategy to keep a level head and focus on what matters most to you?

Raise Your Kids to Be Losers

Personal finance is seldom taught in school, so that responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of parents.

What to Buy For Your College Freshman

Use this all-inclusive checklist that covers everything from bedding to food to medicine, and you’re guaranteed to not have any of those awful “oh-no-I-forgot-X-important-thing” moments on move-in day.