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Save on Child Care

Paying someone to watch your kids can add up. Here’s how to keep more money in your pocket.

What to Do If Your Car is Burglarized

Car break-ins can be stressful and expensive. Here’s what to do it if happens to you.

How Your Income Compares With Others Your Age

Whether you currently earn a lot or a little, there are many ways you can boost your income way above the average for your age group.

How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts

Even Mark Zuckerberg can have his Twitter account hacked.  Use these tips to protect yourself from malicious hackers.

The Perfect Credit Score

A perfect credit score is possible, but it may not be necessary or practical.

Should You Give or Lend Money to Your Kids

There are competing interests when it comes to receiving gifts and/or loans from parents when it comes to buying a first home. The lender sees gifts to the kids with no obligation to repay. The parents may want to see it as a loan. The parents want to get repaid, but the lender doesn’t want to see that as an obligation.

Having That Finances Talk With Your Parents

Many older adults have a “toxic combination” of high self-confidence and low financial literacy making it even harder telling mom and dad that they need to give up the keys to their investment portfolio and to running their life’s savings.

Best Financial Benefits for Military Families

Here are ten of the top financial benefits available to service members and how to make the most of them to improve your family’s financial future.

Set Your Money on Autopilot

It’s hard to focus on your finances during the summer, which is why I prefer to keep things simple. Before you check out for a vacation, start streamlining your financial life.

Should You Get a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is one way for senior citizens to get extra income to help pay their living expenses, but they aren’t for everyone. Before you consider a reverse mortgage for your retirement income needs, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into. Here’s a rundown on reverse mortgages so you can weigh the pros and cons and determine whether it’s a good option for you.