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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Easy question? There is no black and white answer for everyone as the answer depends on a variety of variables, as with most financially related questions.

How To Switch Banks

If you’re finding yourself being charged necessary fees, feel your bank’s technology isn’t up to snuff or that you want a more competitive interest rate, then look into switching accounts.  Here’s some tips.

Money Management Resources

The College of DuPage has put together a research guide providing links to resources for getting started in saving, avoiding and managing debt, and planning your financial future.

Bye Bye, Early Retirement

A new study shows that the decades-long trend towards retirement at a young age has reversed, probably because we can no longer afford it. Here are some of the reasons that the study suggests pushing people to work longer.

How to Pay Off Your Credit Card

Robert Powell of USA Weekend offers advice on how to pay off your credit card debt.

Lump-Sum 401(k) Matching Contributions

Who benefits when your employer makes a lump-sum contribution into your 401(k)?  Not you. Employers aiming to shave costs while incentivizing workers to stick around longer are switching from regular year-round contributions to a single annual lump-sum 401(k) matching contribution.

Your Kids & Taxes

Fidelity answers six often-asked tax questions about kids and taxes that may help lower your family’s tax bill.

Financial Aid Award Letters

Your job only begins when when you receive your last “student aid award” letter, allowing you to compare the true cost of attending the schools that accepted you or your teen. Unfortunately, an aid award isn’t as easy to decipher as an acceptance or rejection letter.  To learn more, check out the 10 rules of deciphering a financial aid award from Forbes.

Why You Need an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund, like a living will, is something no one wants to need to use or discuss, but it’ll come in handy and you’ll be glad you had it when the unexpected occurs.

Are You Ready to Retire Early?

Thinking about early retirement? Early retirement can be ideal, but the challenge is that you need to save up for it and make that money last for several decades. Here are the financial milestones you should achieve before taking early retirement.