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Find Out If Food You Eat Away From Home is Good for You

Proposed requirements from the Food and Drug Administration could end up letting you see calorie counts for most things you eat outside the home — from vending machines to chain restaurants, movie theater popcorn to pre-made sandwiches at the grocery store. The rules are meant to show Americans how many calories are packed into our favorite foods, as we consume a third of our total calories outside the home.

What Not to Buy at Target and Walmart

The discount superstores are convenient for one-stop shopping, but you might not want to buy everything there.

‘Tis The Season for Credit Card Warnings

It’s that time of year, when holiday shoppers run up too much credit card debt. Your goal should be to pay off the your credit card balances, if not immediately after the holidays, then within a few months.

Make the Most of Obamacare Open Enrollment

If you buy your health coverage on the exchanges, Kimberly Lankford from Kiplinger’s suggests you take these steps to make sure you get the best possible policy in 2015.

How to Give the Gift of College

Various companies are trying to make it easier for parents to ask for, and receive, contributions to college savings plans from friends and relatives.

Get an Early Peek at 2015 Obamacare Premiums

Consumers can get an early peek at 2015 premiums and plans under the Affordable Care Act health reform law.’s second open enrollment season starts Nov. 15, but consumers will be able to “window shop” for plans before then.

Affordable Care Act Marketplace: 2014 Edition

Before logging on, find out what’s changed and what’s been learned from the year’s exchange issues.

Money Tips for Teens

If you have teenagers – or you remember being one – then you’ve probably noticed that managing money can be challenging, even long before adult responsibilities enter the picture. That’s because teens are faced with tight budget constraints and lots of wants. Here are 10 suggestions  that will help your teen get his or her finances off to a solid start.

Take Control of Your Online Passwords

Identity theft is a big problem and one of the first steps you can take is to follow better practices with your online passwords.

The Right Way to Help Your Adult Children

To help your millennial move on (and out of your home), set limits, be generous with advice but selective with financial assistance.