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Back to School Tech Deals

The back-to-school season is upon us, and it has one redeeming quality. You can save a bunch of cash on some new tech devices.

How to Report a Tax Cheat

Plenty of people report questionable tax behavior to the IRS every year. Here’s what you need to know if you want to report a possible tax crook and perhaps get a reward.

What You Need to Know About Homeowners Associations

You’re buying into a residential community — made up of condominiums or single-family homes — that is governed by a homeowners association. Is that a good thing?

When Can You Retire?

It’s the question that Baby Boomers are asking themselves.  The answer depends on a number of quantitative and qualitative factors.

Financial Fees You Don’t Know You’re Paying

Thanks to a new fee-disclosure rule, financial pros who offer retirement advice will have to disclose all costs associated with their services and products beginning in April. But to find out, you need to know what those fees are called, where they’re referenced, and how they’re calculated.

The Worst Money-Saving Moves

Not all money-saving solutions are created equal. Here are the ones that cost more than you think.

Nontraditional Ways to Fund Your Retirement

Putting money into an IRA or 401(k) isn’t the only way people are paying for retirement. Here are 10 other options.

How to Resell That Canceled Trip

Stuck with a nonrefundable trip or wedding? These companies help you resell tickets, rooms and services.

Things That Will Leave You Poor

Good money management is all about creating a budget and sticking to it. Well, you might be surprised to see what else is involved.

Retirement Hail Mary Pass

You’re rounding the corner toward retirement age with not nearly enough set aside. You can’t make up for lost time. But don’t give up — you do have options.