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Living Paycheck to Paycheck

If you’re always short on cash, US News Money shows you 7 ways to take control of your finances.

1099-G Form Notification

Unemployment insurance benefits are subject to federal and state income taxes. Signing up to receive an email notice when the 1099-G tax form is available electronically in January saves money, speeds tax preparation. To sign up for the email notice, go to the IDES website and type 1099G into the search function of the homepage. Once registered, a notice will be emailed in January with instructions on how to print the document.

Using Credit Cards During the Holidays

From debt to data breaches, Yahoo!Finance gives you the do’s and don’ts of using credit cards during the holidays.

Investing Ideas From Finance Professors

Forbes offers advice from four academics whose insights could help you get rich or at least protect the wealth you have.

How to Tell When It Is Time to Retire

Deciding the right time to start your retirement can be a tough decision. You’ll have to weigh a lot of different factors when determining if you’re ready.  Here’s some tips on what to consider.

Making Money Online compiled 200+ resources and sites where you can earn money online.

How to Pick a New Bank

If you are shopping around for a new bank, consider these factors to save yourself money. U.S.News Money page has seven tips to consider when you’re making a move.

Put Making a Will on Top of Your Bucket List

A surprising number of Americans make one of the most easily avoided mistakes: dying without a will. After a lifetime of working, saving and caring for family, failing to commit your final wishes to paper could result in a significantly different outcome than you intended, and is guaranteed to impose an additional burden upon surviving family members.

Before Taking the Home-Buying Plunge

Many house hunters feel pressured to buy a house because they don’t want to keep “throwing away” money renting, or they simply fall in love with the white-picket-fence listing they spot online. Neither of these, however, are good reasons to take the home purchasing plunge.

How to Budget for Student Loan Payments

The annual cost of college education has risen by 130% in the past 20 years, so it’s no surprise so many have student loan debt. These tips can help ensure you make your payments without sacrificing the other expenses in your life.