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Tips to Help Investors Get on Track

With a stock market that in recent months has showed sustained weakness for the first time in six years, a number of financial journalists are offering up a helping hand to investors.

A Budget You Can Live With

Taking charge of your finances can be tough, but you can use these tactics to get maximum gain for minimum pain.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare’s annual open enrollment season for 2016 runs from October 15 through December 7. This is the time to evaluate your current coverage and decide if you need to enroll in a different plan.

Personal Finance Checklist For Entrepreneurs

Here’s a personal finance checklist for entrepreneurial strategies your typical retirement planner probably won’t know to help you with.

Storm-Proof Your Home Insurance

You need to plug holes in your insurance policies now before the storm happens.

Financial Planning For Special Needs

There are three crucial steps in financial planning that are important for all families with special needs children.

How to Start Investing, and Why

Learning how to invest well is a challenge. It takes time, research and a little daring. But with careful planning, it’s possible for most people to invest.

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Two rules. Only spend much as you can (a) afford or (b) think is prudent.

Misconceptions About 529 Plans

Bogged down by misconceptions, too many parents are stowing college money away in their savings accounts and 401(k)s rather than using 529 plans that reduce the amount you lose to taxes.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Victories

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB) has been steadily doing what it was created to do: safeguarding consumers from the greedy practices of businesses that think they can act without regard for the law.  The CFPB’s website is here.