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Personal Finance Goals for Your 20s

It may seem like getting your financial house in order is something you can work on once you settle down and start your “real life.” After all, you have many assets to manage; you may be just out of college, still in debt, and not making much money at your first job. Even so, you can start now laying a good foundation for building wealth and security as you get older.

Cut Your Moving Costs in Half

Summer is a popular time to move but you can still minimize expenses. U.S. News/Money presents a step-by-step guide to significantly reducing your moving costs

Affordable Gifts for New Grads

Kiplinger has tips on what to give to high school and college graduates that they can use and won’t bust your budget.

Ways to Earn More Interest and Dividends

From safe, high-paying bank accounts to risky mortgage securities, Kiplinger offers ideas for boosting your income.

Money-Saving Myths That Cost Money

Do you believe these 7 money-saving myths?  They may be costing you money.

Immediate Annuities

With an immediate annuity you hand over a lump sum to an insurance company and you get a monthly check, usually for the rest of your life. Is this a good deal and should you do it?  Here’s some information.

Ways To Raise Your Credit Score

A recent survey found that more people would be embarrassed to admit their credit scores than their weight. Forbes offers 11 ways to change your credit score fairly quickly.

How To File A Financial Aid Appeal

When a financial aid award letter arrives and it’s less than expected, many students don’t realize that these awards can be appealed and negotiated.

Do You Need a Robo-Advisor?

Robo-advisors are growing in popularity as a way to get investing advice and automatically manage your portfolio on the cheap. Are their services for you?

Can You Answer These 3 Basic Personal Finance Questions?

One of the most intimidating things about entering the real world is handling your own finances — paychecks, taxes, investments, flexible spending accounts, pre-tax deductions, bills bills bills. Can you answer these basic personal finance questions?