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Korean Language Book Discussion

2nd Tuesday of each month …… 11AM -12:30PM
Rasmussen South
Members read books in the Korean language and meet for a discussion.

For information and cost please contact

Debi Wolfe (847) 923-3391

Months Selection

September’s book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzerald

October’s book: Cheolhag-i Pil-Yohan Sigan by Gang, Sinju

Novembers book: Seon-Mul by Beomsin Park

January’s book: Sangsil-ui Sidae by Mulakai Haluki

February’s book: Atemschaukel by Herta Muller

March’s book: Saeui-Seonmul by Eun, Huigyeong

April’s book: Dispatches from the edge by Anderson Cooper

May’s book: Bqbbeol_iui Jigyeoum by Kim, Hoon

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