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HIRED, thanks to the Teen Job Fair

In February, more than 200 teens came to the Library in hopes of landing their first job. We gathered local businesses looking to hire teens, provided experts to give teens tips on improving their resumes and interviewing skills, and made it simple for teens to connect with potential employers.

The best part about the Teen Job Fair? Teens got hired!

One lucky teen is Victoria Smith. She was hired by British Swim School as an instructor and is already busy teaching swim lessons to little ones. Victoria is a former swim team member and has been swimming since she was young.

“This is my dream job,” Victoria said. “I love the water and working with kids, so this is the perfect job for me!”

“We were very lucky to find Victoria at the Library’s Teen Job Fair,” said British Swim School Aquatics Director Brian Gibboney. “I’m so glad we took the time to attend the fair. We walked away with lots of great candidates and were able to hire Victoria right away.”

With another successful Teen Job Fair under our belt, we think it’s safe to say, Mission: Accomplished.

And there’s no need to wait until next February if you or your teen is looking for a job now. Stop by any time and we’ll help connect you with the tools and resources you need for a successful job search.

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Moneyball to Motivational Speaker

Moneyball to Motivational Speaker

Born with a club foot, Jim Mecir overcame his disability to find success in the big leagues as the pitcher for the Oakland A’s team depicted in the bestselling book and movie Moneyball. Now a resident of Kildeer, Jim has teamed up with Ellen Schnur from The Second City and created ImprovTalk, a presentation all about teamwork, communication and innovation.

“On the mound, you have to make strong connections with your team to be successful,” Jim said. “The same is true in business. We make sure people walk away from our presentations with a few new communication tools in their belts.”

But starting a business is never easy. Jim turned to our Business Liaison Librarian Patti Smolin to help build his list of contacts and find the best places to bring ImprovTalk.

“Patti’s vast knowledge about business and marketing gave us great ideas to kick start our search,” Jim said. “She showed us many valuable tools that have helped us make lots of contacts and earn more bookings. We’ve even developed relationships with other area libraries, and our contacts in those communities continue to grow.”

Since meeting with Patti, Jim regularly uses library resources, including online databases to research more contacts, the digital production studio to record podcasts and videos for his business, and online learning tools like Gale Courses.

“Library services have changed a great deal recently,” Jim said. “I would definitely recommend businesses check out their local library for resources.”

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HIRED, thanks to the Teen Job Fair

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