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Wireless Access

The Library offers free wireless Internet access from anywhere within the building. Printing is currently not available from your laptop or WiFi equipment.

The Library also offers laptop computers for checkout within the library for use with our WiFi. You will need a valid STDL library card and fill out an agreement form. There is a 2 hour limit.

The purpose of the Library’s Wireless Network is to provide access for individual users to Schaumburg Township District Library’s wireless network. To access the service, a user must agree to abide by the terms of this user Agreement.

The Library assumes no responsibility for any investments a user makes in hardware or software, nor assumes the burden of support for interfacing the user’s system with the Wireless Network. Further, the user accepts any potential risk to his/her system when modifying that system to use the service.

A user accepts responsibility for any personal information that is sent out through the Wireless Network. Communications through the Wireless Network should not be considered secure. Any personal information that is sent through the Wireless Network could potentially be intercepted by a third party using the Wireless Network. It is the Library’s goal to provide access to the wireless network during normal Library operating hours. However, high demand, reliability of technology and other factors may affect the delivery of the service. For these reasons the Library cannot guarantee the availability of the service.

Schaumburg Township District Library is not responsible for the content, quality, validity or currency of any information that the Library did not create. The Library reserves the right to modify or discontinue this service if it is judged necessary by the Library Board.

It is the responsibility of each user to obey all local, state and federal laws when using the Wireless Network, including but not limited to copyright, fraud, obscenity and privacy legislation. A user acknowledges that unauthorized reproduction, transfer or use of material accessed through this service may be a criminal offense under the United States Copyright Act.

A user may not attempt to violate the integrity of any information available through the Wireless Network, or any systems accessible through this service. A user may neither attempt to access secured files or systems nor cause any obstruction of use through actions such as consuming large amounts of system resources.

Failure to abide by the terms of this user agreement will result in suspension of a user’s Wireless Network privileges. If appropriate, the Library may also pursue criminal prosecution.

In order to connect to the Library’s wireless network, the user needs an 802.11G/B network card. Network cards that utilize 802.11A/N are only supported in some patron areas. Users will need to set their SSID to LIBRARY if their network card is not configured to auto-detect wireless networks. The Library’s system will attempt to accommodate any TCP/IP settings that already exist on the users laptop. The user accepts full responsibility for selecting, installing, and configuring the hardware and software necessary for using the Wireless Network.