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Donations to the Library

The Schaumburg Township District Library’s collection has been greatly enriched by the many fine donations of materials and contributions. The library is very grateful for these donations and through donors, has been able to acquire many important acquisitions which could not have been purchased otherwise. Material donations (such as books and audiovisual items) need to be brought to the library at which time the donor will be given a form to fill out for tax purposes. Monetary donations may be mailed to the library director with a brief letter of explanation.

Income Tax Statements
The library cannot assess the value of a donation. There is a donation form that can be completed for your records. It is the donor’s responsibility to determine the value of the donation or use an independent appraiser to do it for them.

Books and Audiovisual Donations
In accepting a gift of materials, the library reserves the right to decide whether items donated should be added to its collection. Out of the many books and other materials which are donated, a considerable amount can be used to full advantage by the library. Some materials, although they have value, cannot be used because they may be:

  • a duplicate of an item of which the library already has a sufficient number;
  • outdated and therefore do not possess adequate circulating value to the library;
  • in poor condition – which would not justify the expense of processing, cataloging and preparing it for circulation; and/or
  • of a specialized nature and not within the collection development policy of the library.

If donated book and other materials are not used, these items will be donated to the Friends of the Library and sold at their book sales. The Friends have made many donations to the Library from funds they have raised. Items the library will no longer accept include magazines and VHS tapes.

Monetary Donations
The library welcomes monetary contributions. Monetary funds received usually go into the Art Fund but donors can also request that funds be used for a specific purpose. Although it is unlikely, there may be an occasion in which the restrictions set by the donor make it impossible for the library to accept the contribution.

Memorial Donations
A memorial donation can be made in the name of a friend or relative and will enable others in the community to share in your remembrance. STDL acknowledges all memorial gifts by sending a letter to the family of the person being remembered. An appropriate memorial nameplate may also be placed in the donated item.

Other Donations
Donations of other kinds of items such as computers, paintings and various equipment are often not suitable for Library use. Each item will be evaluated and, if it cannot be used, may be donated to the Friends of the Library for sale or to another agency where the item can be used.

Recognition of Gifts
The Library has a “Donor’s Wall” located in the vestibule of the Central Library. Cash donations are recognized as follows:
Benefactor……….$5,000 or more
Patron…………….$1,000 or more
Sponsor………….$250 or more

Use of Gifts
All gifts are accepted with the understanding that they may someday be sold or disposed of in the best interest of the library. The library cannot commit itself to perpetually housing a donation. Of course, no donation will be disposed of in a careless manner and every donor can be assured that the library will respect their donation and house it as long as feasible.