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Adult Discussion Room Guidelines

Make reservations for these rooms by calling the Adult Information/Magazine Desk at the Central Library (847)923-3347.

Room Availability

Central Library – 6 rooms suitable for 1-12 people


Monday-Friday……….9 am to 9:45 pm
Saturday…………….10 am to 5:45 pm
Sunday………………Noon to 4:45 pm (summer)
Sunday………………Noon to 8:45 pm (school year)


Reservations for Discussion Rooms may be made two weeks in advance. A room may be reserved in advance for one 2-hour session per week. A reservation will be cancelled if a group does not show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. When not reserved, the rooms are available for a maximum of 2 hours per group, per day, on a first-come, first-served basis. Before using the room, the group must register at the appropriate desk and leave a form of ID. When a group is finished with the room, a member should return to the desk to collect the ID.


Please respect the Library’s facilities. Waste should not be thrown on the floor. Signs and other decorations are not to be taped to walls or doors. It is not permissible for any group to rearrange library furniture or borrow furnishings from other parts of the Library without the Library’s permission. Modification of electrical units as well as any substantial change to Library facilities is not permitted. Applicants are responsible for library property, materials, furnishings and equipment during the time of their reservations. Food and uncovered beverages are not allowed in the Discussion Rooms.

Cancellation of a Meeting

To cancel a meeting, contact the appropriate desk at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. Failure to do so could result in the forfeiture of Discussion Room privileges.

Age of Discussion Room Users

Groups composed of members in the 8th grade or lower must have an adult sponsor in attendance at their meeting(s).


The Library provides discussion room space as a community service. The library neither sponsors nor endorses the philosophies or practices of groups meeting in the rooms.


TEEN: (847) 923-3240
HANOVER PARK BRANCH: (847) 923-3471